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Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis - 2016

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Dual Degrees

Undergraduate Engineering Dual Degree Program Description

The EDDP (Engineering Dual Degree Program) is a partnership between another university (currently Butler University, Marian University, and University of Indianapolis) and the Purdue School of Engineering and Technology. For example, the EDDP with Butler University allows students to study at Butler University, known for its quality science, humanities, social science, fine arts, and professional programs, and also have access to ABET accredited engineering programs at the Purdue School of Engineering and Technology.

Completion of this program results in a degree from each of the institutions. This program is not a 3-2 program where students are expected to transfer after three years to an engineering school to complete their studies. Instead, the Engineering Dual Degree Program (EDDP) has a curriculum that integrates engineering, science, mathematics, computer science, social sciences, humanities, and fine arts courses and allows residence at the home program (i.e., Butler University) for the duration of the program.

The School also offers a Dual Degree in Motorsport Engineering (MSTE) and Mechanical Engineering (ME).

Undergraduate Engineering Dual Degrees Awarded