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Engineering Information

Support Programs

College's Under-Represented Student Groups

National Groups

  • American Indian Science and Engineering
  • National Society of Black Engineers
  • Society for Women in Engineering
  • Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers

Other Student Support Programs

Since the undergraduate degree provides entrance to the profession as well as graduate school, the College of Engineering recognizes the need to provide personal, academic and career support services to all students. The Assistant Dean for Student Affairs is responsible for the activities of the Office of Student Affairs, the Diversity Programs Office, the Career Planning and Student Development Office, the New Student Orientation and facilitates the admission and credit evaluation of Transfer Students. In collaboration with the Departments, these offices provide a comprehensive and holistic experience for the undergraduate student to grow academically and professionally.

The Office of Student Affairs (OSA): The Office of Student Affairs is responsible for coordinating all of the College’s advising and record keeping in collaboration with the academic departments and the University administration. The Office of Student Affairs and the departments’ Undergraduate Program Directors work together on academic advising, monitoring of students’ academic performance, and academic discipline. It is the clearing-house for academic and procedural questions relating to undergraduates and is responsible for coordinating reports and information distributed by the Registrar’s Office. OSA is responsible for conducting the advising and enrollment of freshman and transfer engineering students during the New Students Orientation. OSA is the liaison to the University offices of the Dean of Students, Admissions, Financial Aid, Housing, Registrar, Bursar and other campus services.

The Diversity Programs Office (DPO): The Diversity Programs Office provides academic and non-academic support to all students in the College. Their special mission, however, is to increase enrollment, retention, and graduation among under-represented minorities and women. DPO programs include seminars, academic assistance, professional development opportunities and access to undergraduate research and scholarship opportunities. They also support the activities of the Society of Women Engineers (SWE), National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE), and the Society of Hispanic Engineers (SHPE) student chapters.

DPO coordinates and advertises a comprehensive, college-wide tutoring program called “Study Jams” covering most freshman, sophomore, and junior level engineering courses, led by top students currently enrolled in the courses. In addition, DPO facilitates and advertises other resources that are available on campus including tutoring and supplemental instruction provided by the Learning Resource Center (LRC) in the W.E.B. DuBois Library, and campus departments such as the Calculus Tutoring Center, the Chemistry Resource Center, the Physics Help Room, and the Writing Program.

The Career Planning and Student Development Office (Career Center): The Engineering Career and Student Development Center provides a comprehensive career development program for students in the College of Engineering. Their focus is on providing opportunities for the preparation and placement of graduating seniors in full-time positions in industry or graduate study. They also support undergraduates by the preparation and placement of undergraduates in co-ops, internships, or research experiences. Students may take advantage of co-ops, internships, or research opportunities during the summer, a semester or a full year.

To prepare students for these opportunities, the Career Center offers individual counseling and a variety of events and workshops for resume and cover letter writing, career fair preparation, use of social media, networking, and interview skills. They provide students with many online tools and a Career Development Handbook that includes career checklists and sample resumes for students in their first through senior year, interview tips, and specific job-hunting tips for international students and those looking to work in the federal government. The Engineering Career Planning and Student Development Office collaborates closely with the University’s Career Center on career-related events throughout the year such as the Campus-Wide Career Fair, ALANA, and Internship/Co-op Fair. Companies such as ExxonMobil, General Dynamics, 3M, Raytheon, Amazon, IBM, CDM-Smith, Intel, Genzyme, and Westinghouse participate in these recruiting events.