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Student Design Projects Description

There are captston design projects in each department. All Engineering department's student design projects are integrative as well as capstone projects. Electrical & Computer Engineering students participate in a year-long integrated capstone Senior Design Project experience. The objective is to design and prototype a device or system which requires the use of accumulated knowledge of engineering science and design. In Chemical Engineering, students design experiments in separation, process control, chemical reactions, and polymer processing. Civil Engineering students do a team design of comprehensive civil engineering projects, including scheduling, economic factors, feasibility studies, consideration of alternative solutions, detailed analysis and design, and oral and written reports. Mechanical Engineering juniors undertake redesign projects in groups as part of a Design of Mechanical Components class. Senior year, students complete 3 smaller projects in the first semester, one of which is done in groups. Students in the second semester work in groups to complete larger,unstructured design problems culminating in a working prototype. The senior design activity in Industrial Engineering consists of a seminar in which student design teams are formed, needs are assessed and projects defined. This is followed by a course in which the design projects are completed, reported on and presented to design clients and the class.

In addition to the capstone courses, there are out-of-class projects such as the design of a car in Mechancial Engineering, sponsored by AAE, and the design of a concrete canoe in Civil and Environmental Engineering, sponsored by ASCE. Civil and Environmental Engineering students also work on a bridge competition sponsored by ASCE.