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California State University, Los Angeles - 2016

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Student Design Projects Description

The purpose of the Senior Design Project Program is to provide students with a capstone experience in which they apply their theoretical knowledge to real applications. The program exposes students to an industry setting, where students work with a real client (the company or industry partner) to solve a client-defined problem. The result may be a physical prototype, software package, or operational algorithm. Regardless of project type, student teams are expected to meet the needs of their client, and deliver a product at the end of the academic year. Projects involve teams of four or five engineering/computer science, or technology students, a faculty advisor, and a technical liaison from the sponsoring company, working on a real customer problem for a full academic year.

Several elements make these projects like an actual work experience. First, the industrial partner specifies the open-ended problem. It is a real problem that needs to be solved. Second, the team is self managed by the students. Although there is a faculty advisor, a technical liaison, and a recognized student team leader, each student has a leadership role and the responsibility to make sure the team functions well. This simulates many work situations. By the end of the academic year, student teams will make project presentation and demonstration to a broad audience including faculty, peers, industrial representatives and alumnus.