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Engineering Technology Information

Degree Requirements

Bachelor's Degree Requirements

The four-year Bachelor of Science in Technology programs require 124-128 credit hours to complete depending on the major selected. University General Education requirements must be satisfied in the four-year programs. These requirements include: two (2) English courses; four (4) Liberal Studies courses and a Social Science requirement. Co-ops are optional in all programs.

The Bachelor of Science in Engineering Technology program requires 96 quarter credits (64 semester credits) in the two-year A.A.S. degree plus 60 to 64 semester credits at UNC Charlotte, depending on major selected. Co-op is optional in all programs.

Master's Degree Requirements

The Master of Science degree in Construction and Facilities Management is a 30 semester-hour program. The program consists of an 18-credit hour common core, a 6-credit hour elective core in either construction management or facility management, and a capstone experience including either a sequence of 6-credit hours of major electives or a formal 6-credit hour graduate research thesis.

The minimum requirement for the Master of Fire Protection & Administration degree is 30 credit hours beyond the baccalaureate degree. This includes a minimum of 24 hours of formal course work. Students enrolled will 1) take a common core of 12 credits which includes study in both fire protection and fire administration; 2) choose additional concentrated study of 6 credits in either fire protection or fire administration, and 3) select 12 credits of directed elective. Students who elect the thesis option must complete 6 credits of MFPA 6900 as part of the directed electives. Students who select the non-thesis option will complete 30 credits of coursework and complete a comprehensive exam.

The program for the M.S. in Applied Energy and Electromechanical Systems consists of a 15-credit hour common core and a 15-credit capstone experience; the capstone experience is comprised of either a sequence of 15-credit hours of major electives or a sequence which includes 6-credit hours of major electives, a 3-hour Research and Analytical Methods course and a formal 6-credit hour graduate research thesis.