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Engineering College Description and Special Characteristics

The School of Engineering at the University of New Mexico advances, interprets, and disseminates knowledge through teaching, research, and service. The School performs these activities in ways which attract high quality students and faculty to produce the highest quality graduates. Our graduates are prepared for employment because of our programs and opportunities (such as co-op education, internships, and industry relations) which facilitate the school-to-work transition. The School enjoys three distinct advantages: 1) New Mexico's cultural and ethnic diversity, 2) location in the commercial, industrial, and population center of the state, and 3) proximity to national laboratories. The School conducts basic and applied research in engineering and scientific disciplines to advance the knowledge base and to strengthen the teaching program. Through its research activities, the School also seeks to improve and protect the natural and built environments. The School recognizes the importance of multi-disciplinary approaches to research and teaching
and seeks to enhance research and instructional programs through collaboration with other disciplines both within and outside the University. The School takes pride in its track record of entrepreneurship and views itself as an engine of economic development.