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Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University - 2016

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General Admissions

Entrance Requirements and Recommendations


Applicant must have graduated from an accredited high school or private preparatory school with a minimum of 18 units. One unit is equal to one academic year of study in a selected course. Students who will graduate from a program other than an accredited high school program should contact the Office of Undergraduate Admissions for additional information. At least 14 of the 18 units must be academic or college preparatory units. Academic or college preparatory units are courses in English, language studies, mathematics, natural sciences, social sciences, and fine arts. They must be distributed as indicated below. At least a C (2.0) average on a 4.0 scale is required in all academic courses for the student to be considered for admission. However, because admission to Virginia Tech is competitive, applicants with a solid "B" to "B+" average or better are more likely to be offered admission. For Fall semester, the application deadline is January 15 for Freshman. Transfer students application deadline is February 15. The non-refundable application fee is $50 for freshmen and transfer students, and $70 for international students. An unofficial or official copy of the secondary school record (transcript), including grades on all work through the junior year must be provided. A list of the courses in which the applicant is, or will be, enrolled as a senior. Official SAT scores or the College Entrance Examination Board. SAT II subject tests in Math and Writing must be taken by the January testing date. Discharge certificate (DD214) if the applicant is a veteran.


Due to competition, applicants with a solid "B+" average or better are more likely to be offered admission.