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University of Notre Dame - 2016

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Engineering Information

Degree Requirements

Bachelor's Degree Requirements

A B.S. degree requires between 129 and 134 credits, depending on the program. All programs require 26 credits of liberal arts requirements, 30 credits of math/physics/chemistry requirements, and 6 credits of Intro to Engineering.

Master's Degree Requirements

An M.S. degree requires 30 credits of course and research work. Distribution of credits depends on department. MS thesis track is 24 course credits plus 6 research credits; MS non-thesis track is 30 course credits, available with department approval only. Residency requires one full-time semester, 5-yr limit. Oral/written masters comprehensive depends on dept.
M.Eng. - available only in joint engineering master's degree/law program, or in mechanical engineering only.

Doctoral Degree Requirements

A Ph.D. degree requires 72 credits of course and research work, with a distribution of courses determined by each department, normally 42 credits of course work, including 24 from master's level work, then research credits until degree completion. Residency requires 4 consecutive semesters, full-time, with an 8-year limit. No foreign language requirements. Degree completion includes qualifying exam (written and/or oral), candidacy exam (written and oral) and dissertation defense (oral).

*Distribution of credits depends on department.