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Engineering Information

Degree Requirements

Bachelor's Degree Requirements

Aerospace = 126 credit hours; Architectural = 126 credit hours; Biomedical = 133 credit hours; Chemical = 128 credit hours; Civil = 125 credit hours; Computational = 122 credit hours; Electrical/Computer = 125 credit hours; Environmental = 124 credit hours; Geosystems = 132 credit hours; Mechanical = 125 credit hours; Petroleum = 128 credit hours. For further information, please see website:

Master's Degree Requirements

This degree is offered in three options: with thesis, with report, and without thesis or report. Requirements vary by program and all three options may not be available in any one field of study - contact department for their specific degree requirements. For further information, consult the graduate catalog at

Doctoral Degree Requirements

The doctoral student pursues coursework approved by the Graduate Studies Committee in the field of specialization and in supporting work outside the major. Before admission to candidacy, the student is expected to pass qualifying examinations and to meet additional requirements established by the Graduate Studies Committee. Admission to candidacy must be approved by the committee and the graduate dean. A dissertation in the major area that is an original contribution to scholarship is required of every candidate. Consult each department for semester hours completed and GPA requirements.