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Engineering College Description and Special Characteristics

While many fine universities have objectives somewhat similar to those of the military academy, the Academy's mission adds a dimension that makes West Point unique. It is the sole college in the nation whose only responsibility is to prepare every one of its students for professional service as an Army officer. The West Point environment is designed to foster development in leadership, moral courage, and integrity essential to such service. With this overall objective in mind, the United States Military Academy has formulated and articulated five Academy Outcome Goals:

1. Develop graduates who have a foundation of knowledge in the sciences and humanities, an understanding of various methods of inquiry, the ability to communicate clearly, creativity, intellectual curiosity, and a commitment to continuing intellectual growth.
2. Develop graduates who have the military knowledge and skills required for commissioning in the Regular Army: self-discipline, selfless committment to service, and motivation to continue professional military development.
3. Develop graduates who have the ability to think clearly, decide wisely, and act decisively under pressure; a foundation for continuing development as leaders in military organizations; and the motivation to seek ever greater leadership responsibilities.
4. Develop graduates who have the ability and motivation to achieve and sustain, in themselves and their organizations, the high standards of health and physical fitness essential to military service.
5. Develop graduates who have an abiding commitment to live according to our national values, our constitutional system, and the ethical standards of the profession of arms.