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United States Military Academy - 2016

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Expenses & Financial Aid

Student Group(s): All Students

Undergraduate Group 1
Tuition & Fees: $0
Room & Board: $0
Books & Supplies: $0
Other Expenses: $0
Estimated avg. course load per term: 0
Does your institute have any special programs or fee structures for the expenses category "All Students"?: Yes

Special Programs or Fee Structures

There is no tuition to attend the United States Military Academy at West Point. Students (Cadets) that are accepted into West Point become members of the U.S Army and receive an annual salary, room and board, and medical and dental care. However, there is an initial deposit required from all new incoming Plebe Cadets that is used to cover the initial issue of uniforms, books, supplies, incidentals, and equipment that the New Cadet will need. Upon graduation, Cadets are commissioned officers in the U.S. Army and incur a 5-year Active Duty service obligation, and three years of reserve duty.

Financial Aid Information

Required financial aid forms

Additional Financial Aid Information

Scholarships from any agency that states the scholarship is to be used for tuition and/or room and board will not be accepted since there is no charge for these items at West Point.