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United States Military Academy - 2016

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Engineering Information

Degree Requirements

Bachelor's Degree Requirements

West Point regulations state that cadets of the First Class who have been found by the Academic Board to have successfully completed the course of instruction in academic, military, and physical education; to have maintained the standards of conduct; and to possess the moral qualities, traits of character and leadership essential for a graduated cadet; shall receive a diploma and graduate from the United States Military Academy with a degree of Bachelor of science.
- Successfully complete or validate each course in the core curriculum, including the common core courses and a core engineering sequence equivalent.
- Satisfy the requirements of at least one major.
- Successfully complete 40 academic courses of at least 3.0 credit hours each.
- Successfully complete the Military and Physical Program at West Point.
- Meet the height/weight standards of Army Regulation 600-9.
- Meet the physical fitness standards in Army Regulation 350-1.
First Class Cadets who are deficient in one or more of the three developmental programs for failure to maintain minimum program performance standards may be considered by the Academic Board for separation.

Master's Degree Requirements

Not Applicable

Doctoral Degree Requirements

Not Applicable