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Engineering College Description and Special Characteristics

Rooted in the Jesuit tradition of liberal education, the College of Science and Engineering at Seattle University seeks to provide dynamic, integrated, and challenging academic programs in science, engineering, and health. The college is dedicated to preparing students for responsible roles in their chosen professions and to advancing the educational qualifications of practicing professionals. The college seeks to foster among all students an understanding of scientific inquiry and a critical appreciation of technological change, and to inspire them to lifelong intellectual, professional, and human growth.

The College of Science and Engineering is a partnership of basic sciences, mathematics, and their science and engineering applications. Faculty design the curriculum so that science and its applications are in harmony. This close cooperation allows us to keep current with the latest technical demands with particular attention to the opportunities afforded by our location in a technological hub. The course of studies allows for numerous opportunities to implement projects both locally and globally in collaboration with the university mission to empower leaders to create a better world.