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The senior design projects offer a wide range of opportunities to students in their senior year, culminating with showcasing their finished products at design fairs, competing in regional, national and international competitions, or presenting a project report to industrial clients. Students have designed, built and competed in national and international competitions such as the DOE sponsored Solar Decathlon, where students traveled to California to build a solar-powered smart house. Students have also built or participated in an all-electric Formula Lightning race car, Chemical Reaction Powered (ChE) Chem-E-Car, SAE Mini-Baja All-Terrain Vehicle, ASME Human Powered Vehicle, SAE Hybrid Electric Vehicle, EcoCAR 3: Advanced Vehicle Technology Competition, AIAA Design-Build-Fly electric model aircraft, NASA Balloon Launched Satellite, NASA Microgravity, NASA Lunabotics Competition, Mars Rover Team, Projects with Industry, Mexico International Design Experience, Concrete Canoe, Steel Bridge, and ACM Programming Competition. Teams of students also complete engineering projects for regional industrial companies. Other senior projects include the design of a biometrics-based office management system, a robot built for mine search and rescue, a video game developed for a local pre-school, a sensor system for remote monitoring of environmental conditions in a local stream, and an interactive museum exhibit honoring war veterans. Chemical engineering seniors are designing a process to produce chemical intermediates from ethylene, which is produced by cracking the ethane found in the Macellus shale deposits in West Virginia. Another group of chemical engineering seniors is designing a process to manufacture a biochemical product. Industrial engineering seniors evaluate and solve current industrial problems such as the redesign of a production line to improve productivity and quality while reducing costs. For their senior design projects, industrial engineering students are assigned to work 8 hours per week in industry or government, under the mentorship of a professional industrial engineer. Each senior works on a real-world problem, developing and presenting final recommendation for its solution to management.