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Student Projects

Student Design Projects Description

Student Design Projects Description
A sampling of the student design projects by department include:


1. Solar Sculpture (Sponsored by OUC)
2. U-shaped Toothbrush for persons with disabilities
3. Wheel Mill Prototype Development (Power generation)
4. Tissue Culture Lab Automation
5. ASHRAE Design Competitions (ASHRAE National Design Competitions)
6. Measurement of Adsorption Kinetics of Nanoporous Mtls (AKA Absorption Cooling)
7. Concentrated Solar Photovoltaics
8. FPL-Sponsored Substation Robotics project
9. Industry-sponsored Solar Hot Water project (patent privacy issues)
10. Scaled Distrib Electric Propulsion (DEP UAV)
11. Micro-class UAV
12. AIAA CanSat competiton
13. SAE Braking System (Formula 1 Brakes)
14. AIAA Design Build Fly Competition
Hybrid Rocket
15. Miniature compression stage/Miniature 16. Torsion Stage (Design of Materials Testing Rigs)
17. Direct Lift Multicopter for Biological Research and Observations (Turtle project)
18. Industry - sponsored Autonomous Vehicle project (corporate privacy issues)
19. ASME Human Powered Vehicle
20. Industry - sponsored equipment handling project (corporate privacy issues)
21. NASA-Challenge Derived Distributed Electric Propulsion
22. Human Powered Vehicle
23. uUAV
24. Limbitless Arm Carapace Project
25. Solar Thermal Water Systems

1. United Design Group, Inc.’s Water Design Project for Lake Claire Estates â€" Proposed Residential Subdivision Near UCF
2. Rena Civil Engineering’s Final Project Submittal for Springs at Lake Claire Subdivision Design Project
3. Development and Planning Engineering Consultants (D&PEC) Lake Claire Reserve Subdivision Design Project
4. Proposed UCF Stadium Office Building (fictitious project)
5. Florida Hospital Health Village Geotechnical Design Research Building #1 by Chase Dragon
6. Florida Hospital Health Village Project by RBMC
7. Class Building Project by BHM&S Structural Solutions
8. Office Building by MN2
9. Six Story Building by JAK Engineering
10. Six Story Office Building by Nailed It Construction Inc.
11. Construction Report for Land Development Project at Chuluota Village by Pegasus Engineering Site Development for Colonial City Point by Valida Crepido
12. Multi-use Land Development Project at Colonial and Chuluota by Semi Pro Engineering
13. Bithlo Community Center Development by Mako Engineering
14. Site Design for the Shops at Colonial by Knightly Engineering Services
15. Proposed development on East Colonial Drive by Capstone Engineering
16. Site Development at Alafaya Trail and Innovation Way by Baldwin International Engineering and Remediation
17. Development Project along Alafaya Trail and Innovation Way by OBE
18. Site Development at Alafaya Trail and Innovation Way by Prestiege Engineering
19. Site Development of The Woods at Innovation by Alliance Site
20. Development at Alafaya Trail and Innovation Way by Archimedes
21. Site Development at Alafaya Trail and Innovation Way by Ingenium
22. Site Development at Alafaya Trail and Innovation Way by The Ultimate Construction Firm
23. Site Development at Alafaya Trail and Innovation Way by UDG
24. Site Development for Innovation Reserve by Octo Engineering
25. Innovation and Alafaya Development by Knights Engineering Group
26. Site Development for the Reserve at Alafaya by PEMDAS Engineering
27. Land Development project at Alafaya Trail and Innovation Way by Terra-Works
28. Site Development of Innovation Way Plaza by Synergy Engineering
29. Site Development for the Reserve at Alayafa by Smart Engineering
30. Kissimmee Park Road and Turnpike Exchange Improvements

1) OIA South terminal APM Building.
2) South Airport Intermodal Terminal Facility


1. “Ecosys Consultants Inc. â€" Coal-Fired Power Plant Air Pollution Control Equipment Retrofit Project â€" NOX and PM Control”
2. “Ecosys Consultants Inc. â€" Coal-Fired Power Plant Air Pollution Control Equipment Retrofit Project â€" Acid Gas & Mercury Control / Duct Work Design / ID Fan Specification / Stack Evaluation”
3. “Ecosys Consultants Inc. â€" Coal-Fired Power Plant Air Pollution Control Equipment Retrofit Project â€" Carbon Capture and Sequestration”
4. Pegasus Seawater Desalination Plant by “Excalibur Solutions”
5. City of Camelot’s Pegasus Seawater Desalination Plant by “MJDH”
6. Knights Water Authority’s Regional Potable Water System Pegasus Seawater Desalination Plant by “Pegasus Environmental”
7. Orange Municipal Utility District Waste Water Reclamation Facility

1. G01 -Fish and Chips: The automated aquarium.
2. G02 -Big-Rig Emulator
3. G03 - The EverythingFinder
4. G04 - AirBud â€" Automated Fixed Base Operator
5. G05 - KittyBot
6. G06 - Smart Skateboard
7. G07 - S.S. Entertainment (Stand-alone Solar Entertainment)
8. G08 - Home Secured
9. G09 - Wireless Applications of a Refactored Prosthesis (W.A.R.P.)
10. G10 - H.A.P.P.I. Systems Home Audio Programmable Pathway Illumination System
11. G11 - SmartBuoy
12. G12 - Visible Emission Near-Infrared Up-Conversion Spectrometer (VE-NUS)
13. G13 - The Diabetic Breathalyzer
14. G14 - C.O.R.E - Controller for Organic Range of Exoskeleton
15. GA - A Helping Hand â€" AkashCarlosDevinChang (ACDC)
16. GB - Home Interactive Notification Tracking (HINT)
17. GC - A.A.C.M. â€" Automatic Aerobic Composting Machine
18. GD - Mirror Image:
19. GE - A.S.L.A. â€" American Sign Language Assistant
20. GF - High Performance Variable Frequency Motor Drive
21. GG - Posture Perfect
22. GH - Interactive Bigger Badder Beer Pong Table (IBBB)
23. GJ - S.E.M.S. - Smart EV Monitoring System
24. GK - Smart Mirror
25. GL - Wireless Energy Autonomous Robot (W.E.A.R)

1. NASA Mars Base Surface Simulation
2. I-CON Ergonomics and Assembly Line Design
3. I-CON Process Design and Continuous Improvement
4. Orlando Health Re-Engineering
5. Boston Whaler Radius Compound Variance Reduction
6. MC Assembly Aerospace Assembly Line Simulation
7. MC Assembly Lean-Six Sigma Process Improvement
8. MC Assembly Facility Layout
9. United Launch Alliance Operations Research Scheduling
10. Siemens New Plant Design and Layout

1. 3D Cytoflow
2. Big Data Management Tools
3. CD9: Online Teen Protection Tool
4. Cubli
5. City of Orlando Doors
6. City of Orlando Lights
7. Cognitive Rehabilitation
8. CogniStudy
9. Empty Space
10. Glossasim
11. Grave Dowsing
12. Healthy Reminder
13. Knights Air
14. OpenMemDB
15. Nautilus
16. Resource Exchange
17. Weather Analyzer
18. Wireless ECG
19. SFI Business Application Modernization
20. Argus
21. Complete Concept Strength
22. Chemical Safety Simulation Game
23. IoT Devices Software Security Analysis
24. PopDoxa
25. SterilEyes