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General Admissions

Entrance Requirements and Recommendations


All interested applicants must complete the University of Central Florida Undergraduate Admissions Application, and include a 30 dollar (US$), non-refundable application fee. Applications will be accepted up to one year prior to the start of the term desired. Applicants must request official transcripts from each educational institution attended. Admission into the University is selective and limited by space availability. Eligibility for freshman admission is subject to satisfactory receipt of all items required in the admission process. All applicants must meet the following State University System (SUS) minimum eligibility index standards: If the high school GPA in academic courses as calculated by UCF is between 2.5-2.99 on a 4.0 scale, the student must present the following minimum SAT Reasoning or ACT Plus Writing scores:

Students admitted prior to Spring 2017:

SAT - Critical Reading >= 460 or ACT - Reading >=19

SAT - Mathematics >= 460 or ACT - Mathematics >= 19 and

SAT- Writing >= 440 or ACT =Combined English/Writing >=18

Students admitted Spring 2017 or later:

SAT - Critical Reading or concorded score from rSAT Evidence-Based Reading and Writing >= 460 or ACT Reasoning >= 19

The degree of competition for space depends on the number and qualifications of those who apply for admission. To increase the chance of admission, high school students should present credentials which are stronger than the minimum requirements for consideration as listed above.


In addition to the minimum University entrance requirements, students entering any of the engineering programs should be adequately prepared at the secondary school (or higher) level in the following disciplines, mathematics through trigonometry, physics, chemistry, biology, introduction to computers and computer programming. These requirements should not be ignored; those students lacking these credits may be required to complete additional course work which is not applied toward the degree.