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Student Design Projects Description

Student capstone design projects are team-based activities with teams typically consisting of 2 or 3 students. Because the EMET program has a fundamental focus on automation and automated controls, to be acceptable a student project must incorporate mechanical elements (structures, gears, mechanical manipulators, etc.), electrical elements (power sources, student-developed analog or digital circuits, etc.), instrumentation to detect environmental data, and an automation process that ties all of these elements together.

Fall 2013 Electro-Mechanical Engineering Technology Senior Design Projects:
*Hard Faced Welder
*PLC Lab Module
"EV Bike
*Band Saw
*Plasma Cutter
*Elect Gym
*Golf Machine
*Paper Punch
*Automatic Guitar Tune
*Automated Maze-Solving Robot
*Automated, Rotating Magnetic Levitation System
*Automated Inverting Pendulum System
*Automated Paint-Ball Targeting and Firing System
*Automated Bar Code Sorting System