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Engineering Information

Support Programs

College's Under-Represented Student Groups

National Groups

  • African Students Association
  • National Society of Black Engineers
  • Society for Women in Engineering

Other Student Support Programs

Student Academic Services provides an overview of the various "specialty" programs we offer our students. It includes the Reading Enhancement Program, The Writing Center, Strategies for Academic Success Program, Office of Graduate Studies, and Quantitative Reasoning/Evening Tutoring Center.

The Reading Enhancement Course provides an opportunity for future leaders of the Air Force to become more efficient readers. Reading is a life-long skill that affects many areas of our lives, reflected in our motto that says "Readers are Leaders."

The Strategies for Academic Success class is designed for cadets who want to improve or sharpen their study skills. It is open to all cadets (regardless of GPA or academic standing) but it is especially helpful for cadets who are at-risk of falling below the Academy's high academic standards. Many cadets have greatly improved their GPAs over the years by taking this course and have rated it very highly.

The Graduate Studies Programs Office oversees four distinct programs which allow graduates to obtain advanced degrees immediately after commissioning: National Competitive Scholarship Program (NSCP), Endowed Scholarship Program (ESP), Graduate School Program (GSP), and Medical School Program (MSP).

The Quantitative Reasoning/Evening Tutoring Center offers supplemental instruction in Chemistry, Engineering Mechanics, Mathematics, and Physics. The Center is open Monday‚Ä" Thursday evenings from 1800-2200 hrs when school is in session. Cadets can schedule an appointment using the on-line scheduling system, or just walk-in for help during designated time blocks. Tutorials are offered in both one-on-one and small group formats. The Center is staffed by faculty members who also teach core classes in their academic disciplines. Cadets are highly encouraged to first seek assistance from their classroom professor, but our Evening Tutoring Center faculty is an invaluable supplemental resource available during Evening Academic Call to Quarters.

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