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Cadet Summer Research Program (CSRP) is an individual study and research supervised by a faculty member. The main outcome of this research is to demonstrate the framing and resolving of ill-defined problems by modeling the behavior of engineers and officers in real-world situations. The topics vary and can be established with the department head.

In 2014, the CSRP allowed 171 cadets to work in their fields of expertise while gaining outstanding exposure to operational issues. Many participants are able to present their research in professional forums.

-Over 95 organizations hosting cadets at over 70 different locations
-19% went to Air Force Installations (AFRL, Systems Groups, PACAF A9, etc.)
-32% partnered with DoD organizations (US Army, NRO, NSA, etc.)
-19% worked at Other Federal Institutions (National Labs, NASA, etc.)
-19% worked with Corporate Sponsors
-5% had State or International Sponsors
-6% had other sponsors (Schools and Universities)