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Student Design Projects Description

Aerospace System Design

Team design project of an aircraft in response to a Request-For-Proposal. Design methodology focuses on a military need and incorporates performance, cost supportability, deployment, manufacturing, product quality and environmental considerations. The project draws on all of the aeronautical disciplines and provides students experience in applications of such disciplines to military aircraft design.

Nuclear Systems Design

Students are assigned to groups for the purpose of conducting a design study on an open-ended problem. Students must mathematically model the problem and propose solutions. Solutions are evaluated against established objectives and realistic constraints such as cost, reliability, survivability, safety, human factors, ethics, and social impact. The best solution is then optimized. Recent class problems have included future terrestrial and space-based Air Force systems.

Systems Design Project

This course provides a capstone system design experience for students who are not doing a systems design thesis. It will emphasize the practical details of applying systems engineering tools and techniques to a real multi-disciplinary design problem. Students will be assigned to small design teams and given a general problem statement. The team will be responsible for completing a thorough systems analysis of the problem, developing and evaluating alternative solutions, selecting the best alternative, proposing appropriate implementation of the selected solution, and documenting the entire experience.