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Air Force Institute of Technology - 2016

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Research Description

Research Description By Graduate Engineering Department

Aeronautical and Astronautical

Analysis of Aerospace Aerodynamics; Analysis of Aerospace Structures; Theory and Applications of Composite Materials; Dynamics and Control of Flight Vehicles; Computational Fluid Dynamics; Analysis of Aerospace Dynamics, Space Vehicle Dynamics and Control

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Guidance, Navigation, and Control; Radar and Communications Systems; Micro-Electrical Mechanical Systems; VSLI and Nanotechnology; Electro-optics and Directed Energy Systems; WI Electromagnetics and Low Observable Technology; Signal and Image Processing, Pattern Recognition and Artificial Intelligence; Software Engineering; Computer Communication Networks; High Performance Computing and Computer Security, Information Warfare, and Cyber Operations

Engineering Physics

Lasers, Optical, and Directed Energy Systems; Electronic & Photonic Materials and Devices; Nuclear Engineering; Nuclear Weapon Effects; Space and Atmospheric Physics; Counterproliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction; Measurement and Signature Intelligence, Remote Sensing

Mathematics and Statistics

Design of Experiments; Information Fusion; Numerical Analysis; Wave Propagation; Wavelet Analysis; Biostatistics; Bayesian Statistics; Nonlinear Waves; Numerical Solutions of Partial Differential Equations

Operational Sciences

Applied Statistics; Behavior Modeling; Campaign Planning and Execution; Cost Analysis; Decision and Risk Analysis; Cost and Schedule Estimating; Data Envelopment Analysis; Discrete Optimization and Heuristics; Dynamic Programming; Economic Decision Analysis; Facility Location Modeling; Forecasting; Game Theory; Genetic Algorithms; Human Resource Management; Information Operations and Warfare; Information Technologies; Inventory Models; Inventory Optimization; Irregular Warfare; Mathematical Modeling, Mathematical Programming; Modeling Simulation and Forecasting, Multivariate Data Analysis; Network Models; Neural Networks; Nonlinear Optimization; Operations Research and Analysis; Optimization; Organizational Behavior; Organizational Change and Transformation; Organizational Culture; Organizational Performance Measurement; Organizational Policy and Strategy; Organizational Transformation & Development; Pattern Recognition and Combat Identification; Public Policy Analysis; Queuing; Radio Frequency Identification; Reliability and Maintainability; Risk Analysis; Simulation and Modeling Analysis; Space Operations; Statistical Analysis and Process Control; Scheduling; Stochastic and Empirical Modeling; Strategic Purchasing; Supply Chain Management; Tabu Search; Transportation and Strategic Mobility; Utility Theory; Vehicle Routing and Scheduling

Systems Engineering and Management

Environmental Remediation; Systems Dynamics Analysis; Engineering Management; Groundwater Hydrology and Contaminant Transport; Cost Analysis; Information Resource Management; Information Assurance; Knowledge Management; Project Management; Product Development; R&D Management; Organizational Transformation; Organizational Development; Organizational Performance Measurement; Training Effectiveness; Human Resource Management; Organizational Behavior & Leadership; Learning Curve Modeling; Fuels Microbiology; Modeling Chemical Transport; Statistical Methods for Design; Secure Computing; Cyber Security & Warfare; Reliability Engineering; Systems Sustainability; Systems Architecture Modeling

Research Description By Engineering Research Center

Advanced Navigation Technology

Multiple-Vehicle Autonomous Navigation and Control; Non-GPS Precision Navigation; Robust GPS navigation

Center for Cyberspace Research

Computer Network Operations (attack, defense, exploitation); Network Security; Cryptography; Digital Forensics; Malicious Software Analysis; Software Protection and Anti-Tamper; Intrusion Detection/Prevention; Threat and Vulnerability Analysis; Information Warfare/Operations

Center for Directed Energy

Photonic Devices; Chemical Laser Development and Diagnostics; Imaging; High Power Microwaves; Remote Sensing, Ultrafast Laser Spectroscopy; High Energy Lasers; Adaptive Optics and Propagation; Atmospheric Effects; Laser Communications Effects and Optimization; Beam Control

Center for Operational Analysis

Automatic Target Recognition/Combat Identification; Combat Modeling; Logistics Modeling and Analysis; Mobility Modeling; Personal Readiness Analysis; Test and Evaluation

Center for Space Research and Assurance

Propulsion; Communications; Structures; Carbon Nano-tubes; SHM;Responsive Orbits; Mission Planning and Modeling; RFINT; PNT; Astrodynamics; Space Systems Architectures; Optimal Controls

Center for Technical Intelligence Studies and Research

Remote Sensing: Hyperspectral Imaging; Synthetic Apenture Radar