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Engineering College Description and Special Characteristics

Bucknell's College of Engineering is focused on providing the best possible educational experiences to our students. Special opportunities that contribute directly to that goal include our introductory engineering course ENGR100-Exploring Engineering, which gives students not only the opportunity to experience hands-on work in various engineering disciplines, but also explores engineering ethics case studies and culminates in team-based, design-and-build projects with local clients. We also offer opportunities to participate in the Grand Challenge Scholars Program, undergraduate research directly supported by the College and University, semester-length and short-term engineering study-abroad experiences, affinity housing around the theme of Entrepreneurship and Innovation, a special empowerment program known as the Engineering Success Alliance, design and business competitions, various MakerSpaces, and interdisciplinary degree programs with the School of Management and other majors across campus. The engineering student body at Bucknell is diverse with a total of three-fifths students of color, international, or women. Women alone make up one-third of the engineering student body. The Bucknell engineering curricula offer many integrated laboratory and design experiences in well equipped undergraduate laboratories and project spaces. Students are encouraged to participate in summer internships facilitated by our Career Development Center, and there are many companies that directly recruit on campus both for internships and permanent employment.