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University of Dayton - 2016

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Subject Areas of Research

Subject Areas

  • Adaptive optics, beam steering, and atmospheric propagation
  • Analyzed failure data for the avionics systems on aircraft
  • Analyzed the waiting lines at a ski area in West Virginia
  • Array Signal Processing of Under Sampled Data
  • Biofluid mechanics and thermophilic enzyme characterization to support biofuels
  • Biological control of wastewater sludge bulking
  • Biomedical Imaging
  • Biophotonics
  • Bridge safety
  • Causative factors in vehicle crashes
  • Computer Networks
  • Corrosion reduction of carbon steel yoke
  • Coupled geothermal/solar heating/cooling systems
  • Developed a model for selecting a gas turbine engines supplier
  • Developing design tools for composite materials
  • Development/Demonstration of a Flow Visualization Method Application
  • Dynamic digital holography
  • Effect of Low Frequency Vibrations on the Transition Region
  • Electronic Warfare
  • Energy management techniques to reduce pollutant emissions
  • Fundamentals of Diamond Film Growth
  • High power solid state and fiber lasers
  • Highway traffic safety including drivers, vehicles, and motorcycles; and traffic accident analysis techniques
  • Improved production and beer packaging
  • Improved production rates on drum brake wheel cylinder assembly lines
  • Industrial Assessment Center Program
  • Industrial Building Energy Systems
  • Integrated Microsystems
  • Laser Radar Development and Beam Agility Research
  • Microbial control in industrial process water
  • Model development for selecting suppliers
  • Multispectral Sensing
  • Multispectral signal processing
  • Nano-polymers, conductive polymers, nano-carbon tubes
  • Nanophotonics, materials, fabrication and characterization
  • Nanotoechnology in environmental engineering
  • Nonlinear optics, frequency conversion, liquid crystals and photorefractives
  • Optimization of water distribution system
  • Optimized manufacturing, assembly and sequencying operations
  • Photonic Metamaterials
  • Production and packaging improvement
  • Radar
  • Reduced corrosion of carbon steel yoke
  • Regional Scale energy analysis
  • Removal of emerging contaminants from water using activated carbon treatment
  • Robotics, microelectronics, wide area surveillance
  • Seismic behavior of coupled walls
  • Soil Structure Interaction for retaining structures and pipelines
  • The use of nanotechnology in improving life-cycle behavior of wind turbines
  • Wireless Networking