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University of Dayton - 2016

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Engineering Technology


Admission to Engineering Technology College

Applications for admission are accepted at any time. Admission is available three times per year in late August, early January, and early May.

Admission to an Engineering Technology Department

After admission to the University, students can be admitted immediately into a program or may choose an undeclared status for one year.

Entrance Requirements for Foreign Students

TOEFL (Score: 550), financial statement, International student applicants must present their academic credentials in official English translation along with their transcripts in the original language. The applicant must also present certification of financial resources available to support an education at the University of Dayton.

Entrance Requirements for Non-Resident Students

No special requirements.

Residency Requirements

Unmarried first and second-year students under the age of 21, not living at home in the Dayton area, are required to live in a residence hall during the first year and sophomore year.

Admissions Requirements for Transfer Students

Minimum of 2.00 GPA from previous institutions. Must submit official transcripts from all institutions attended.

Number of Transfer Students from:

A two-year community junior college where they were full-time students: 9
A four-year college or university where they were full-time students: 6