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General Admissions

Entrance Requirements and Recommendations


Rank in the top 10% of your high school class and submit SAT or ACT scores
Rank in the next 15% and have a minimum 950 SAT/1030 New SAT (combined Critical Reading/Verbal + Math) or 20 ACT
Rank in the 2nd quarter and have a minimum 1050 SAT/1130 New SAT (combined Critical Reading/Verbal + Math) or 23 ACT
Rank in the 3rd quarter and have a minimum 1180 SAT/1250 New SAT (combined Critical Reading/Verbal + Math) or 26 ACT

All undergraduate students who enter a Texas public institution of higher education must be tested to determine the student's readiness to enroll in freshman-level academic course work. The University of North Texas requires students to take a TSI approved test: (ACCUPLACER, THEA, ASSET, or COMPASS). These tests measure college-level readiness in reading, mathematics and writing. A student may be exempt from taking one of the tests.

All incoming undergraduate students, unless exempt, must take a TSI approved test before attending orientation.

Transfer Admissions:

Transfer students may earn advanced standing credit by transferring credits earned from course work completed at other colleges/ universities.

Transfer students may enroll for all semesters.

Transfer students must have completed a minimum of 30 semester hours or else apply as an entering freshman.

Transfer students must have a minimum grade point average of 2.5 on a 4.0 scale. GPA requirements based on the number of credit hours previously completed: 1-29 hours, 2.5 GPA; 30-44 hours, 2.25 GPA; >45 hrs, 2.0 GPA. Students not meeting these requirements may request an ''Individual Review'' through the Admissions Office. Additional factors will/may be considered for students seeking Admission to UNT by ''Individual Review''. These factors include Letters of Recommendation, first-generation college attendance, employment experience, special ability and others.

The lowest grade (0-100) earned for any course that may be transferred for credit is a “D”.

Transfer credit is subject to audit during a student's academic career at UNT. Total hours accepted may be increased or decreased to reflect correction of prior evaluation or consideration of additional transfer work to ensure compliance with UNT academic policies.

Graduate Admissions:

The transcripts must show you have earned a bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited institution and earned the required grade point:

GPA requirement for UNT consideration:
a 3.0 GPA or higher on all undergraduate work used to complete a bachelor's degree OR
a 3.5 GPA on work for any completed master’s degree.

Students not meeting GPA requirements may be eligible for admission under certain conditions or if they are seeking a second bachelor’s degree.

Departments set minimum standardized test scores and may require materials such as personal statements, letters of reference, auditions or portfolios.


All applicants to UNT must show proof of English language proficiency. For International students, this is most commonly demonstrated through TOEFL. However, we accept more methods of English proficiency than most other 4-year universities in the U.S. because of the international experience of our employees and their knowledge of international curriculums.

B or higher

C or higher

C or higher in English Language

Overall band 6.5 or higher

TOEFL *scores must be less than 2 years old. Student may provide a certified older score if student has been continuously studying at a U.S. college/university*
Internet-Based (IBT): 79
Paper-Based: 550
Computer-Based: 213

WASC, KCSE, SSCE or equivalent national exams
B or higher in English Language

SATI (critical reading and writing sections)
500 or higher on both sections

MELAB (official version)
80 or higher

AP English Language & Composition Exams
3.0 or higher on both sections