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Chemical Eng, Civil & Environmental Eng, Electrical & Computer Engineering, and Mechanical Eng: An engineering design project course which includes teamwork is required in the senior year. Also, student design projects and research honors projects are offered on an individual basis. In addition, design projects are assigned in courses throughout the curriculum.

Biomedical Engineering. Senior design course partners students interns with local clinical industries and academic mentors to develop medical and biomedical device prototypes.
Engineering & Public Policy: Two required project courses provide opportunity for linkage of engineering design and analysis with policy.

Interdisciplinary design project courses are also available at the college level Engineering Design: The creation of Products and Processes, Engineering Design projects, Engineering Product Design Projects, Special Topics: Rapid Prototype Design, and Special Topics in Design.

MSE Capstone Course - This course introduces the student to the methodology by which a material can be successfully chosen for a given application from the various classes (metals, ceramics and glasses, electronic materials, polymers and composites.)