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Engineering College Description and Special Characteristics

Carnegie Institute of Technology has as its continuing goal to maintain excellence in undergraduate and graduate education and research. The degree to which this goal has been achieved is attested to by the demand for its graduates, the success of its alumni, the quality of its faculty, the adoption elsewhere of its innovations, and the national and international recognition it receives in education and research activities.
In addition to a 4-year undergraduate program in each department, it is also possible for a student to pursue an interdisciplinary Designated Minor in automation and control; biomedical engineering, colloids, polymics and surface engineering; data storage systems technology; electronic materials, engineering design, environmental engineering and sustainability; international engineering studies; manufacturing engineering; materials science and engineering; mechanical behavior of materials, robotics, or a double major in biomedical engineering, or engineering and public policy, or to design either double-major or double-degree programs with other non-engineering departments.
Co-op is an option in Chemical Eng, Civil & Environmental Eng, Electrical and Computer Eng, and Materials Science and Engineering. The Integrated Masters/Bachelors Degrees Program in Electrical and Computer Eng is available to all undergraduates who maintain a cumulative QPA of at least 3.0. In addition, select engineering students may participate in an integrated, five year engineering/MBA program with Carnegie Mellon's Tepper School of Business. Students must also maintain a QPA of 3.0 in courses used to satisfy the requirements of the M.S. degree.The Accelerated Masters Program (AGP) in Mechanical Eng is available to all undergraduates in the department who complete a minimum of 24 units of graduate courses beyond the B.S. requirements, during the senior year.