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Carnegie Mellon University - 2016

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Engineering Information

Research Centers

  • INCOLL - Research center WITHIN the college of engineering
  • INDEPT - Research center WITHIN an engineering department
  • INUNIV - Research center WITHIN university system
  • OUTUNIV - Research center OUTSIDE the university
Center/Lab Discipline Research Class Head Chair
Advanced Chip Test Laboratory Electrical/Computer Engineering INCOLL Shawn Blanton
Carnegie Mellon Electricity Industry Center Other Engineering Disciplines INDEPT Jerome Apt
Center for Advanced Process Decision Making Chemical Engineering INDEPT Nikolaos Sahinidis
Center for Atomspheric Particle Studies Environmental Engineering INCOLL Peter Adams
Center for Bio-Robotics Mechanical Engineering INCOLL Metin Sitti
Center for Climate and Energy Decision Making Environmental Engineering INCOLL M. Granger Morgan
Center for Complex Fluids Engineering Chemical Engineering INCOLL Robert Tilton
Center for Enhanced Resilience and Climate Adaptation Environmental Engineering INCOLL Costa Samaras
Center for Environmental Implication of Nanotechnology Civil/Environmental Engineering INCOLL Gregory Lowry
Center for Implantable Medical Microsystems Biomedical Engineering INCOLL Burak Ozdoganlar
Center for Iron and Steelmaking Research Metallurgical and Matrls. Engineering INDEPT Richard Fruehan
Center for Nano-enabled Device and Energy Technologies Other Engineering Disciplines INCOLL Elias Towe
Center for Product Strategy and Innovation Mechanical Engineering INUNIV Jonathan Cagan
Center for Sensed Critical Infrastructure Research Other Engineering Disciplines INCOLL Irving Oppenheim
Center for Silicon Systems Implementation (CSSI) Electrical/Computer Engineering INCOLL Shawn Blanton
Center for the Mechanics and Engineering of Cellular Systems Mechanical Engineering INCOLL Philip LeDuc
Center for Water Quality in Urban Environmental Systems Civil/Environmental Engineering INCOLL Jeanne Van Briesen
Computer Architecture Laboratory Electrical/Computer Engineering INCOLL James Hoe
Cylab Electrical/Computer Engineering INCOLL David Brumley
CyLab Biometrics Lab Computer Engineering INCOLL Marios Savvides
CyLab Mobility Research Center Electrical/Computer Engineering INCOLL Priya Narasimhan
CyLab Usable Privacy and Security Laboratory Computer Engineering INCOLL Lorrie Cranor
Data Center Observatory Electrical/Computer Engineering INCOLL Gregory Ganger
Data Storage Systems Center (DSSC) Electrical/Computer Engineering INDEPT Jimmy Zhu
Engineering Research Accelerator Other Engineering Disciplines INDEPT Burcu Akinci
General Motors - Carnegie Mellon Autonomous Driving Collaborative Research Laboratory Electrical Engineering INCOLL Ragunathan Rajkumar
Green Design Institute Civil Engineering INDEPT Chris Hendrickson
Human Computer Interaction Institute Other Engineering Disciplines INDEPT Anind Dey
Information Communication Technology Institute Engineering (General) INUNIV Jose Moura
Institute for Software Research Computer Engineering INUNIV William Scherlis
ITRI Research Lab Electrical/Computer Engineering INCOLL James Hoe
Lane Center for Computational Cancer Research Computer Science (outside engineering) INCOLL Robert Murphy
Microelectromechanical Systems (MEMS) Lab Electrical/Computer Engineering INCOLL Gary Fedder
Mobility Data Analytics Center Civil Engineering INCOLL Sean Qian
Molecular Biosensor Imaging Center Other Engineering Disciplines INCOLL Alan Waggoner
NETL - Regional University Alliance Chemical Engineering INCOLL Andrew Gellman
Parallel Data Lab Electrical/Computer Engineering INCOLL Gregory Ganger
Pennsylvania Smart Infrastructure Incubator Other Engineering Disciplines INCOLL Gary Fedder
Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center Other Engineering Disciplines INUNIV Michael Levine
Robotics Institute Computer Science (outside engineering) INUNIV Matt Mason
Software Engineering Institute Other Engineering Disciplines INUNIV Paul Nielsen
Steinbrenner Institute Civil/Environmental Engineering INDEPT Neil Donahue
Visual Intelligence Studio Electrical/Computer Engineering INCOLL Yang Cai
Western PA Brownsfield Center Civil/Environmental Engineering INCOLL Deborah Lange
Wilton E. Scott Institute for Energy Innovation Engr. Science and Engr. Physics INCOLL Jared Cohon