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Boston University - 2016

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Engineering Information

Research Centers

  • INCOLL - Research center WITHIN the college of engineering
  • INDEPT - Research center WITHIN an engineering department
  • INUNIV - Research center WITHIN university system
  • OUTUNIV - Research center OUTSIDE the university
Center/Lab Discipline Research Class Head Chair
Biological Design Center Biomedical Engineering INCOLL Christopher Chen
Biomolecular Engineering Research Center Biomedical Engineering INCOLL Sandor Vajda
Center for Biophotonic Sensors & Systems Electrical Engineering INUNIV Thomas Bifano
Center for Computational Neuroscience & Neural Technology (CompNet) Biomedical Engineering INUNIV Barbara Shinn-Cunningham
Center for Computational Science Electrical/Computer Engineering INUNIV David Coker
Center for Future Technologies in Cancer Care Biomedical Engineering INCOLL Catherine Klapperich
Center for Information & Systems Engineering (CISE) Other Engineering Disciplines INCOLL Ioannis Paschalidis
Center for Nanoscience and Nanobiotechnology Other Engineering Disciplines INUNIV Mark Grinstaff
Center for Polymer Studies Metallurgical and Matrls. Engineering INUNIV H. Eugene Stanley
Center for Remote Sensing Electrical/Computer Engineering INUNIV Farouk El-Baz
Center for Space Physics Engr. Science and Engr. Physics INUNIV John Clarke
Center for Subsurface Imaging and Sensing Electrical/Computer Engineering INCOLL David Castanon
Fraunhofer Center for Manufacturing Innovation Industrial/Manufacturing/Systems Engineering INCOLL Andre Sharon
Hariri Institute Electrical/Computer Engineering INUNIV Azer Bestavros
Hearing Research Center Biomedical Engineering INCOLL H. Steven Colburn
NSF Smart Lighting Engineering esearch Center Electrical/Computer Engineering INCOLL Tom Little
Photonics Center Electrical/Computer Engineering INUNIV Thomas Bifano
Program in Bioinformatics Biomedical Engineering INUNIV Thomas Tullius