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Student Design Projects Description

Appropriate design projects are incorporated in engineering courses throughout the 4-year curriculum, from the freshman program through the capstone design experiences in the senior year. Many of the capstone design projects involve real problems brought to the classroom by industry.

The College’s new Innovation Collaboration Studio is a maker space to support design project work for both the freshman classes and the junior/senior design projects. It aims to provide resources to engineering students in the form of technology, tools and knowledge particularly for rapid prototyping. In the ICS, students can turn their ideas into projects and through collaboration with staff and other students these projects will become reality.

In addition to design projects specifically related to engineering course requirements, students have a range of opportunities to participate in regional and national design competitions through the student branches of professional societies and other sponsoring organizations. For example, interdisciplinary UT student design teams have been very successful in national competitions related to design, construction, testing, and operation of vehicles using alternative fuels and hybrid electric drive trains. Other design teams have also competed successfully in national design competitions.