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Old Dominion University - 2016

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Institution Information

Contact Information

Institution's Mailing Address

Institution Name: Old Dominion University
Mailing Address: Frank Batten College of Engineering and Technology; Dean's Office
1105 Engineering Systems Building
City: Norfolk
State: VA
Postal Code: 23529
Country: United States
Phone 757-683-3789
Fax: 757-683-4898

Head of Institution

John Broderick
Office of the President
Old Dominion University
Koch Hall
Room 200
Norfolk, VA 23529
Phone: 757-683-3159
Fax: 757-683-5679

Engineering College Inquiries

Shirshak Dhali
Professor and Associate Dean
Frank Batten College of Engineering and Technology
Old Dominion University
Office of the Dean
Kaufman Hall, Rm 102
Norfolk, VA 23529
Phone: 757-683-3789
Fax: 757-683-4898

Undergraduate Admission Inquiries

Jane Dane
Office of Admissions
Old Dominion University
Rollins Hall
Room 196
Norfolk, VA 23529
Phone: 757-683-3685
Fax: 757-683-3255