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Old Dominion University - 2016

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Research Description

Research Description By Graduate Engineering Department

Civil and Environmental Engineering

Advanced composite materials, pollution prevention, water adn wastewater treatment, GIS applications, urban stormwater management, coastal modeling and simulation, structural optimization, structural dynamics, soil liquefaction, water resources planning.

College of Engineering and Technology

Engineering Education

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Research in organizational learning and development, process analysis and control, commercial space infrastructure, multi-disciplinary design optimization, meta neurutics, and risk analysis.

Engineering Management and Systems Engineering

Technological leadership's vision looks to the creation of new products, processes, and services which, in turn, will create new markets or enable domination of existing ones.

Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

•Visualization and Simulation Exchanged Engineering Education
•Process-based Cost Estimation Techniques for Multi-Disciplinary Optimization • Product Design for end-of-life • Application of Shape meory Alloys in Composites • Damage Resistance and Damage Tolerance of Pultruted Composites • Modeling and analysis of ship roll stimulation systems • Computational Modeling of Thermal Comfort conditions • Solar Assisted Heat pumps for Residential and Industrial applications • Computational Modeling of Turbulent Diffusion Flames
• Thermomechanical processing of Materials, Joining technologies including conventional fusion processing and recently developed stir welding technology.• Crystal growth and mathematical modeling of melting and freezing processes • Modeling of scramjet engines • Computational analysis of turbulent flows • Multidisciplinary design optimization techniques applied to fluid, thermal and aerodynamic problems • Bio-Microfluidics research involving both fundemental and applied research in micro and nano-scaled mass, momentum and energy transport phenomena.

Modeling, Simulation and Visualization Engineering

Research activities range from investigation of fundamental modeling and simulation methods and technologies to applications of modeling and simulation in the domains of medicine and health care, transportation, education and gaming, science and engineering, homeland security and defense, and business enterprise decision support.

Research Description By Engineering Research Center

Applied Research Center

An advanced materials science engineering and laser technology research center. Staffed with industry/university teams utilizing the Jefferson Lab technologies, ARC provides commercial product related research.

National Center for System of Systems Engineering

Provide national technical leadership, development, and access to comprehensive state-of-the-art systems of systems engineering capabilities with an emphasis on developing, releasing and evolving system of systems engineering products.