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The goal of the Engineering Design Lab sequence (ENGR-101, ENGR-102, and ENGR-103) is to introduce incoming students to engineering through a combination of lecture discussion and laboratory exercises. This sequence is also intended to expose students to the different engineering disciplines, industry standard engineering software packages, and engineering laboratories/facilities found on campus. In ENGR-101, students are introduced to important general engineering topics including top down design, project management, team dynamics, and design documentation.

The Senior Design three-course sequence is intended to simulate a professional engineering work environment, to provide experience working in a group on an open-ended engineering problem to develop information gathering and communication skills. Substantial interaction between students, faculty and partner organizations is encouraged. During the fall, the students form their teams, select an area of interest, then extract and explicitly state their design problems and methods of solution in formal proposals to the Design Faculty. The teams develop their own solutions during the winter and spring, the culmination of which is a formal report of the results. In addition, the program culminates in an industry-sponsored inter-departmental design competition.