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Drexel University - 2016

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Subject Areas of Research

Subject Areas

  • Aerodynamic Performance Guidance & Flight Controls
  • Analytical & Experimental Study on Widespread Fatigue Damage in Aircraft Fuselag
  • Army Materials Center of Excellence (MCOE) for Polymers
  • Biomedical Materials Drug Delivery System
  • Building Environment/ Air Quality
  • Developing Ultrasonic Tissue Characterization Methods
  • Effects of Electromagnetic Induced Failure Modes: Modeling & Analysis
  • Energy/ Environment
  • Functionally Tailored Fibers & Fibers Research
  • Gelation, Consolidation, and Rheology of Sol-Gel Coated Suspensions
  • Geotechnical/ Geo-synthetics
  • Grain Scale Plastic Deformation in Metals
  • Infrastructure Materials and Systems
  • Materials for Cementless Hip Implant
  • Plasma Energy Recycle & Conversion of Polymeric (MSW) Waste
  • Post-Combustion Oxidation of Hydrocarbons
  • Second Generation Ductile Hybrid Fiber Reinforced Polymer for Concrete Structure
  • Smart Integrated Pilot State Monitor
  • Telecommunicatons, electrophysics, systems, power systems & computer engineering
  • The Chemistry Controlling Ignition of Hydrocarbons & Their Mixtures of High Pres
  • Thermal Spray of Polymer/Ceramic Nanocomposites
  • Water Resources/ Hydraulics and Coastal Engineering