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Dual Degrees

Graduate Engineering Dual Degree Program Description

Graduate students already enrolled in a master's degree program at Drexel have the opportunity, through the dual master's program, to work simultaneously on two master's degrees and to receive both upon graduation. To be eligible, graduate students must be currently working on their first degree when requesting admission to the second. They must obtain approval from the graduate advisers of both programs and work out a plan of study encompassing coursework and/or research (thesis) credits for both degrees. Students may transfer as many as 15 credits from one program to the other, usually in the form of electives, and are therefore required to complete a minimum of 60 graduate credits to complete a dual master's degree program (the actual credit total may be higher, depending on each department's requirements). Transfer of credits from one program to another will depend on the programs.

The BS/MS dual degree program is an accelerated program providing the academically qualified student an opportunity to earn both a bachelor's degree and a master's degree in program areas of his/her choice in five years, the time normally required to finish a bachelor's degree alone. Because both degrees are completed in the time usually required for just the bachelor's degree, you can get both degrees for the cost of the undergraduate program alone. The program combines the practical work experience of Drexel undergraduate cooperative education with the graduate credentials of an advanced degree. Students may earn both degrees in the same major, or may complete their master's degree in a different field. With both an undergraduate and graduate degree and practical work experience, BS/MS graduates enter the work force with specialized knowledge and training. A definite plus which can give the Drexel BS/MS student a wide range of career opportunities

Exceptional students with a cumulative grade point average of at least 3.0 and who are enrolled as five-year co-op students are eligible for the program. Students formally apply for the program after they have completed 90 credits and before completion of 120 credits, but are strongly encouraged to begin planning for it as early as their freshman year.

Students enrolled in the BS/MS program must complete undergraduate quarter credit requirements for the bachelor's degree and at least 45 graduate quarter credits for the master's degree. All graduate department requirements must be satisfied in full, including a thesis, if required by the program. Master's thesis requirements may be completed in the summer term of the final year with prior approval. BS/MS students work closely with the program advisor to make sure that they are following their plan of study and progressing appropriately.

BS/PHD and MD/PHD programs are also offered. Admissions into these programs are limited and are made under committee/department review.