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California Baptist University - 2016

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Student Design Projects Description

Modifications to Pediatric Walkers
We are designing a proof-of-concept pediatric signs through the addition of all-terrain features and greater ease of use.

Adaptive Toy for Children with Cognitive/Motor Disabilities
The purpose of this project is to design an innovative toy to engage young children who struggle with basic motor and cognitive skills by teaching children how to isolate their fingers, using open hands instead of a raking motion and closed fists.

Magnetic Cooling
This team studied the effects of magnetic fields on the temperature of a Gadolinium alloy. The goal was to obtain the greatest possible temperature change in the alloy.

EMG Driven Bionic Hand
Our team was tasked to design and build a bionic arm that is driven by EMG signals. As the brain sends electrical signals to trigger muscle movement, we process these signals so that they can drive the bionic hand to mirror the movement of the user’s hand.

Film Commission Application
The project is to create a Windows software application to manage filming permits for San Bernardino County’s film commission

CBU Engineering Schedule Assistant
Designing a website to replace the Excel method that is currently used to schedule classes for the College of Engineering. Secretaries and the Assistant Dean will be able to manage and edit their schedules, and output them as Excel files.
Glaucoma Tablet Based System " Supporting an ongoing project, students were to design a unique tablet-based eye imaging system for glaucoma screening in the optometric and ophthalmic office settings.

Tahquitz Pine Road Design " Road rehabilitation for driveway into the camp.

Assistive Orthotic Lifting Device " The design of an orthotic device to provide assistance to a user while lifting an object. This device allows the user to lift heavier weights as well as incur less fatigue while lifting lighter weights.

Synthesis of Activated Carbon " Propose a design for a process plant, staring from the ground up. Guidelines included eliminating waste and synthesizing a useful product to leave an impact on the environment and society. The project examines the process of synthesizing carbon specifically.

Disaster Relief Shelter Prototype " Developed a transitional shelter prototype inspired by the Samaritan’s Purse Disaster Relief Shelter Competition. Final prototype offers advances in lightweight design, thermal insulation, and structural integrity.

Drainage Improvement Project at Tahquitz Pines " Our project focused on improving the drainage system that is in place at Tahquitz Pines. The camp needs to be safe, effective, and have a low-cost drainage system designed and constructed to prevent flooding during heavy rainstorms.

Stuctural Health Monitoring of Civil Engineering Structures " Students developed a health monitoring system for local building structures to assist in earthquake safety. Along with the selection of sensors and data systems, a system for monitoring vibrations was also developed.

CBU Main Retention Basin Retrofit " Project goal is to provide an efficient solution to minimize and treat stormwater runoff and optimize land use at CBU. The project design utilizes underground storage and treatment to make the surface available for additional parking.

Super Capacitor Energy Bank " Our project takes cutting-edge super capacitor components to quickly restore energy (fully charged within minutes). This energy is then utilized to fully charge a cellphone through a USB interface.

Tempo Sensor Application " The project is to create an Android mobile software application that listens to music and determines the beats per minute and displays it to the user.

Magnetic Cooling " Thorough and effective crystallization of salt in water through the application of magnets. Due to crystallization of the salt, the filter will more effectively filter out salt from the water. Further research still to be conducted.

Treatment of Impaired Water for Portable Use " The aim of this project is to design an effective filtration system capable of treating severely impaired water supplies and produce drinkable across the world. This project abides by the World Health Organization guidelines on drinking water quality.

Well & Drilling Exploration " The gaol of this project is to invent or develop a device used to provide calibrated or recorded “thumps” (generated seismic waves) to the ground to be recorded by seismometers above the surface.

Hawthorne House Plan Proposals " The scope of this project includes all abatement, demolition, construction, site and utility work, permits, fees, inspections, and operation and maintenance manuals for the Hawthorne House. The selected bidder (student) will be responsible for planning and construction of all phases of the project with decision making assistance provided by Dr. Prigge Consulting.