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General Admissions

Entrance Requirements and Recommendations


Standards for Freshmen for high school graduates under 21, high school grades and ACT or SAT results will be evaluated according to Boise State's admissions Index. The Index assigns more weight to high school grades than test scores. Applicant must have completed Idaho College Admissions Core.
Submit to Admissions Office: 1) Application for undergraduate admission; 2) one time, nonrefundable application processing fee; 3) Official high school transcript or GED test scores; 4) ACT or SAT results (Note: ACT or SAT scores not required for applicants 21 or older); 5) Completion of all Idaho College Admission Core. Applicants with GPA lower than 2.00 will not be eligible for degree seeking admission status. They may choose to attend as a non-degree seeking student.

Standards for Transfer Students: If student has earned 14 or more transferable credits, cum GPA 2.25 or greater, and were in good standing with their current/last institution, the student will be admitted with regular admission status.

If the transfer applicant has earned an equivalent of Associate of Arts or Associate of Science degree or is core certified from a regionally accredited academic institution with 2.00 GPA or higher, the student will be admitted with regular admission status.

Applications for students with more than 14 credits but with no associate degree or core certification with GPA range from 2.00 to 2.24 will be reviewed on a case by case basis to determine potential for academic success.

Graduate Admissions: General university graduate admissions criteria apply as well as program-specific requirements found at each program's webpage within the site.


If applicant does meet the admission standards for regular or provisional admission, they may consider applying to BSU as a non-degree-seeking student or attending a community college.

If failure to meet the admission requirements is believed to be due to unusual or extraordinary circumstances, the applicant may petition the Dean of Enrollment Services for special consideration.