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University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee - 2016

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Required senior engineering courses at the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee serve Wisconsin industry by providing engineering service as part of the degree program. UWM has several senior level engineering courses taught by individuals with extensive industrial experience in which engineering projects are carried out in a simulated industrial environment. Student teams work on problems solicited from industry in collaboration with college faculty and industry representatives. The projects conclude with formal written and oral reports provided to the industrial sponsors. A required senior engineering laboratory course deals with industrial problems of an experimental nature and has the following goals: improve oral and written communication skills, gain decision making and other interpersonal skills, learn the fundamentals of experimentation, become familiar with basic instrumentation techniques and transducer technology, and gain self confidence and maturity as an engineer. ----Students participate in projects and competitions sponsored by the national societies, including the Mini Baja Car, Steel Bridge, Concrete Canoe, and Human Powered Sub.