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University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee - 2016

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Engineering College Description and Special Characteristics

The College has developed a full complement of undergraduate and graduate programs in engineering and computer science. Students receive not only an excellent education in the major field, but also a strong background in engineering fundamentals. To accommodate the changing needs of the student population, courses are offered on an extended day/evening schedule. The College's excellent faculty is distinguished in both the academic and industrial communities. Drawing on a broad range of experience, our professors transform classroom material into practical insights, with over 75,000 square feet of classroom and laboratory space. In addition, the College's proximity to local industry provides an invaluable opportunity for hands-on experience. Our outstanding Co-op and Internship Program allows both undergraduate and graduate students to develop work experience at participating companies such as Rockwell Automation, General Electric, Harley-Davidson, Briggs & Stratton, Kohler, John Deere, Sundstrand and Motorola.