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University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee - 2016

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Admissions Information

Graduate Admission to the College of Engineering

Application fee is $56.00 for U.S. students, $96 for non-U.S. students. Minimum GPA is 2.75 out of 4.00 for the Master's Program; 3.00 out of 4.00 for the Doctoral Program. Submission of official GRE scores from test taken within the last 5 years. Applicants may be admitted with undergraduate major in engineering, mathematics, or a natural science. A completed application package consists of completed, signed application; application fee; official transcripts; list of remaining coursework (if applicable); and a statement of reasons for graduate study. Package should be sent directly to UW-Milwaukee Graduate School at the address given on application form. Two letters of recommendation are required for the Doctoral Program.

Graduate Admission to an Engineering Department

Same as provided in Admissions Requirements/Procedures

Entrance Requirements for Foreign Students

TOEFL score minimums: At least 213 on the computer based test (CBT), or 550 on the non-CBT.

Entrance Requirements for Non-Resident Students

Non-Resident U.S. students same as Wisconsin residents.

Residency Requirements

Residency for tuition purposes is governed by Wisconsin statutes. Residency examiners review each applicant to determine residency eligibility.