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General Admissions

Entrance Requirements and Recommendations


Factors considered for admission into the University of Missouri-Columbia include ACT score, class rank, and high school core course work. Core course work must include 17 high school units (yearlong classes) in the following: English-4 units (1 unit may be speech or debate; two units must emphasize composition or writing skills); Math-4 units (Alg. I & higher); Science-3 units (one must be lab course; gen. sci. does not apply); Soc. Studies-3 units; For. Lang.-2 units of the same language; Fine Arts-1 unit.

The College of Engineering requirements for freshman admission are as follows: An ACT Math Score of at least 26 and an ACT Composite of at least 26 or a high school class rank in the upper 25 percent. Admittance to the Information Technology (IT) degree program will follow the standard MU Admissions requirements.

Students admitted to the College of Engineering will work to complete a foundational curriculum consisting of math, science and engineering courses during their first year at MU. At least 12 hours of stipulated classes must be completed at MU and upon completion of requirements, students will be evaluated for admittance into available degree programs.

Direct Admission into Engineering Departments through the Engineering Achievement Program
High achieving students may receive direct admission into the Engineering Achievement Program (EAP). These students may be eligible for special engineering scholarships and opportunities to interact with college administrators. They will receive invitations to network with faculty who participate in the Undergraduate Research Program, which allows students to work on cutting-edge research projects and offers the potential to fast track an engineering master’s program.

Achievement program students also may qualify for acceptance into the MU Honors College, and if all criteria are met upon graduation, they will receive an honors designation and may participate in the honors convocation ceremony. The Honors College option is open to all qualifying freshmen.

Professional development and networking are an integral component of the EAP. Students in the program may immediately apply for the Alumni Mentoring Program to be matched with a recent engineering graduate working in industry who can share insights and lend assistance in making connections.

Student is advised by Engineering Student Services
Curriculum keeps pace with directly admitted students


It is recommended that High School students take as much additional math and science as possible.