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Penn State Erie, The Behrend College - 2016

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General Admissions

Entrance Requirements and Recommendations


The minimum high school units required for admission to baccalaureate degree programs are as follows:

ENGLISH - Four units. Including one unit each in composition and literature, are required.

SOCIAL STUDIES/ART/HUMANITIES - Three units in any combination of social studies, arts, and humanities are required.

WORLD LANGUAGE - Two units in a single world language other than English are required. However, a student may be admitted with fewer than two units in a world language other than English, but must correct this deficiency by the time s/he graduates from Penn State. This deficiency may be corrected by passing one three-or four-credit college level world language course or by demonstrating proficiency equivalent to two units of high school world language study.

Either a third unit in the same language or an additional unit in a second world language other than English is recommended.

SCIENCE - Three units, required for all majors. Preparation in chemistry and physics is recommended but not required.

MATH - Three units are required (four are recommended), selected from any combination of algebra, geometry and trigonometry. Also required by the School of Engineering, School of Business and School of Science: one-half unit of trigonometry or higher level math within the required three units.


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