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Student Design Projects Description

Our engineering departments offer freshmen level introductory courses and specialized design project programs for upper-division students. Members of the Jacobs School Corporate Affiliates Program (CAP) and other industry partners develop, mentor, and fund design projects for upper-division senior design courses. In addition, student organizations offer extracurricular multi-disciplinary student design project opportunities to continuing undergraduates.

Class Design Projects: Design and teamwork are woven throughout our curricula from the freshmen to senior year. Students get a taste of engineering design through introductory courses and class competitions such as the annual battle of the robots in MAE 3 or the conceptual structural design competition in SE 103. At the senior level, CSE125 student teams design and develop an interactive video game, while students involved in capstone industry-sponsored design courses (ECE191, MAE 156) and build prototypes which often end up integrated into real products.

Team Internship Program (TIP): This innovative Jacobs School corporate-sponsored program gives students the opportunity to develop their engineering skills in a collaborative work environment that mirrors what they will encounter when they enter the workforce. Undergraduate and graduate engineering students with diverse backgrounds are competitively selected to form multi-disciplinary teams to address a 10-12 week projects devised by corporate sponsors. Each team usually consists of 2-5 students. Past projects have included: design of a battery pack for the artificial heart, a microwave power density anechoic chamber upgrade, and laser induced fluorescence mass spectrometry. This program has also sent teams internationally to Australia, China, Germany, India, Israel, and Korea. In summer 2014, TIP sent 330 students on 82 Teams to 42 different companies. For more information:

Global TIES: Teams in Engineering Service is the Jacobs School of Engineering's innovative program in humanitarian engineering. Faculty-advised, interdisciplinary teams of undergraduates design and deliver solutions that matter for local and global nonprofit organizations and their clients. Global TIES is one of three programs to earn UC San Diego a place with distinction on President Obama's Honor Roll of Higher Education Community Service, and it has been recognized as a model program by the Clinton Global Initiative University. For more information, please visit: or contact Dr. Mandy Bratton, Director, Global TIES,

Jacobs School Matching Funds for Student Projects Program: This program, administered through IDEA Student Center, supports over 35 engineering student organizations by providing up to $4,000/project in matching funds for student team projects and competitions. This program recognizes and rewards student organization external fund raising by providing additional funding to cover expenses such as registration, hotel accommodations, transportation to student competitions, project materials, as well as other administrative costs. More information is available at:

Student Organizations with Project Teams
Am. Inst. of Aeronautics and Astronautics " Design, Build, Fly
Am. Inst. of Chemical Engineers " Chem E Car
Am. Soc. of Mechanical Engineers " Human Powered Submarine, Human Powered Vehicle
Engineering World Health " HIV Diagnostics
Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers " Micromouse, Robomagellan, Quadcopter, Grand PrIEEE
Soc. of Automotive Engineers " Triton Racing
Soc. of Civil and Structural Engineers " Concrete Canoe, Seismic Design, Steel Bridge
Students for the Exploration and Development of Space " Made in Space
Triton Rocket Club " Triton Rocket