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Engineering College Description and Special Characteristics

The Voiland College of Engineering and Architecture provides instruction, research, and public service in engineering, architecture, construction management, computer science, and materials science. The college's undergraduate degree programs prepare graduates for both professional careers and advanced study and are known for their practical, hands-on components coupled with a strong foundation of basic principles. The college's programs use formal classroom instruction, coupled with individual and group projects, seminars, and individually directed studies to prepare students to develop solutions that are technically, socially, and economically appropriate. Many students also gain work experience in their fields of interest through employment on college research projects or internships in industry.
Faculty, graduate students and staff in the college perform basic and applied research addressing problems of state, national, and international importance. Research projects are designed to enhance economically, ecologically and culturally sound use of our material resources and to promote well-balanced industrial and professional development. Research is an integral part of graduate degree programs, providing graduate project topics and opportunities for graduate student interactions with outside professionals. The college's research also strengthens its undergraduate programs by involving undergraduate students in relevant creative exploration and by keeping undergraduate course content current with the latest research developments.
The college provides important educational services to industries, professions, and the general public. Short courses, conferences, and workshops taught by college faculty produce valuable interactions among professionals and deliver current technical information to these audiences. Faculty of the college also serve as editors, authors, and reviewers for professional journals serving the nation and the world.