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Student Projects

Student Design Projects Description

In addition to senior-level capstone design projects required in most degree programs, student design projects and competitions include:

- ENGR 111 Design Projects " for first semester freshman engineering students
- ENGR 112 Design Projects " for second semester freshman engineering students
- ENGR 491 - AggiEChallenge multidisciplinary design team projects associated with NAE’s Grand Challenges " open to all levels of engineering students
- ENGR 270/470 - Engineering Projects in Community Service (EPICS) " multidisciplinary team projects open to engineering students at all
- Aggies Invent " 48 hour design innovation challenge competition solving industry problems
- Inventeer " student teams pursuing design projects to promote innovation
- AggieSat " student satellite program
- APEC Micromouse Contest (Applied Power Electronics Conference)
- Concrete Canoe Competition
- Formula SAE Design Competition
- High Altitude Balloon Club
- Human Powered Submarine Competition
- LabView Design Competition
- National Steel Bridge Competition
- SAE AERO Design Competition
- The Women in Engineering (WE) program sponsors several team design projects: WE Supermilage, WE Vex Robotics, WE Autonomous Underwater Vehicle, and Turtle Robotics
- ASABE International 1/4 Scale Tractor Student Design Competition
- ASABE Robotics Competition
- BP The Ultimate Field Trip - global competition showcasing students’ solutions to a real-world problem
- DRS Technologies Student Infrared Imaging Competition
- RASC-AL Competition (Revolutionary Aerospace Systems Concepts - Academic Linkage)
- TI Analog Design Competition
- Xilinx Design Competition