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Texas A&M University - 2016

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General Admissions

Entrance Requirements and Recommendations


Most applicants considered for admission have transcripts that present the following:

Four years of college preparatory English;

Four years of Mathematics (Must include Algebra I and II, Geometry and a fourth math course. Applicants are encouraged to take math each year of high school culminating with a course for which Algebra II is a prerequisite.);

Four years of Science (Two courses must come from Biology I, Chemistry I, and Physics I plus two additional courses meeting the recommended or advanced/distinguished curriculum);

Two years of the same foreign / sign language (American Sign Language is acceptable and will satisfy Texas A&M graduation requirements for all Bachelor of Science degrees. Computer Science is acceptable for admissions purposes but will not satisfy Texas A&M graduation requirements).

Students who do not meet the minimum required coursework as outlined by Texas A&M must meet the college readiness standards as defined in the State of Texas Uniform Admission Policy.


Texas Education Code (TEC) 51.803-51.809 (State of Texas Uniform Admission Policy) requires that all freshman applicants meet one of the following college readiness standards in order to be eligible to be considered for admission at a Texas four-year public institution.

Satisfy the College Readiness Benchmarks on the SAT or ACT assessment (SAT 1500 out of 2400 on Verbal+Math+Writing or ACT 18 English, 21 Reading, 22 Mathematics and 24 Science)

Successfully complete the State of Texas foundation, recommended or advanced/distinguished high school program or complete the portion of the program that was available to them; or

Successfully complete a curriculum that is equivalent in content and rigor to the foundation, recommended or advanced/distinguished high school program at a high school that is exempt from offering such programs.