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University of Bridgeport - 2016

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Research Description

Research Description By Graduate Engineering Department

Computer Science and Engineering

Robotics and Automation, Analog and Digital VLSI, FPGA design, Mobile and Wireless Computing and Networking, Computer Vision and Machine Perception,
Image and Signal Processing, Biometrics, Computer and Network Security, Parallel and Distributed Computing, and Software Engineering.

Electrical Engineering

Digital Signal Processing, Biomedical Engineering and Biomedical Instrumentation, Micro and Nano Electromechanical Systems Design, Modeling and Simulation, Energy Systems, Fiber Optics and Embedded Systems.

Mechanical Engineering

CAD, CAM, Finite Element Analysis, Damage Analysis, Welding, Rapid Prototyping, Control, Ergonomics and Manufacturing Mangament.

Technology Management

Intellectual Property Management, Supply Chain and Outsourcing Management, Information Technology Management, Energy Management and Simulation.

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