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University of Alaska Fairbanks - 2016

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Undergraduate Admission to the College of Engineering

Requirements are similar to those of the general university admission.
Applicants must graduate from high school with a minimum GPA of 3.0 or at least a 2.5 overall GPA and an ACT composite score of at least 18 or SAT total score of at least 1290. Coursework must have included at least 16 core credits including: 3 credits of preparatory mathematics (algebra I or above), 4 credits English, 3 credits of natural or physical science (including at least one laboratory class), and 3 credits social sciences. The applicant must submit either ACT or SAT scores.

Undergraduate Admission to an Engineering Department

Individual departments should be contacted for major specific admission requirements.

Entrance Requirements for Foreign Students

TOEFL minimum: 79 (internet) or IELTS minimum: 6.5
F-1 visa holders: must maintain a full-time course load (12 credits per semester)
The Applicant must sign a statement and provide documentation that funds are available to pay all expenses while attending UAF, as well as funds for round-trip transportation between home and Alaska. F-1 visa students do not qualify for exemption from non-resident tuition rates. The application should reach the Office of Admissions by March 1 for the fall semester or September 1 for the spring semester. The application must be completed and accepted by August 1 for the fall, and November 1 for the spring. On-campus housing can not be reserved until the application for admission has been accepted.

Entrance Requirements for Non-Resident Students

Same requirements as resident students.

Residency Requirements

Student must be able to prove residency by the following definition: a resident is any person who has been physically present for one year immediately preceding registration at UAF and who declares intention to remain in Alaska indefinitely. Residents of Alaska, members of the United States military on active duty and their dependents, members of the Alaska National Guard and their dependents, as well as residents of the Yukon Territory and the Northwest Territories are exempt from a non-resident tuition fee. Children of alumni who received an associate, baccalaureate or graduate degree from the University of Alaska may qualify for resident tuition. Contact the UAF Admissions office for more information.

Admissions Requirements for Transfer Students

$50 undergraduate application fee. All bachelor's degree applicants who have attended a postsecondary institution must arrange for their official college transcripts to be sent to UAF. Transfer applicants should apply 6 to 9 months before the beginning of the semester in which the student plans to enroll. June 15 is the fall semester application deadline. Transfer students must have at least a 2.0 GPA at a previous college and an honorable dismissal. All bachelor's degree applicants with fewer than 30 semester credit hours must fulfill the requirements for first-time students.

If you are a transfer student, note that at least 24 hours of upper-division semester credits, at least 12 semester credits in your major and at least 3 semester credits in your minor must be earned at UAF.