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Student Design Projects Description

In the final year of their engineering curriculum, students take a series of courses that provide an important design experience that is the culmination of the knowledge and skills they have acquired over the course of their studies. Each semester the college holds a competition where industry judges select top projects and teams for recognition. Abstracts of prior student design projects are available at:


BIOE 3040 - Bioengineering Design I: This is the beginning of a 3 course sequence that ends with the senior design project and is intended to introduce concepts of classical engineering design and how these concepts can be applied to the field of biomedical device and technology design.

BIOE 4015 - Bioengineering Design II: This course continues from Bioengineering Design I, with focus on developing student-generated design ideas that are developed further into prototypes and pipelined into the Senior Design Project.

BIOE 4020 - Senior Design Project: A capstone course intended to bring students’ design projects that were begun in the prior 2 design courses to completion.

CVEN 4067 - Senior Design Projects: Senior civil engineering students, working in teams, are assigned significant open-ended design problems requiring the synthesis of material learned in previous engineering courses for solution. Design teams work independently under the supervision of a civil engineering faculty member. Prereq: Graduation Agreement and one design course. Co-req: A second design course.

CSCI 4738 - Senior Design I: This is an advanced practical course in which students design, implement, and document and test software systems for use in industry, non-profits, government and research institutions. The course offers practical experience by working closely with project sponsors. It also offers extensive experience in oral and written communication throughout the software life cycle. Prereq: CSCI 3508.

CSCI 4739 - Senior Design II: This course is a continuation of Senior Design I. Students must have taken Senior Design I in order to enroll for Senior Design II. In this course, the projects begun in Senior Design I are completed and presented. Prereq: CSCI 4738.

ELEC 4309 - Senior Design Project I: Design methodology and tools, project planning and team building, ethics in engineering and research, career planning and portfolio building. Project designs are completed and presented to the class. Prereq: Students must complete their Senior/30 hour check prior to enrollment. Prereq/Coreq: All required ELEC 3000-level classes and labs. ELEC 4309 and ELEC 4319 must be completed in subsequent academic semesters.

ELEC 4319 - Senior Design Project II: Project designs completed in ELEC 4309 are constructed and tested. Oral and written presentations of the completed project performance are required. Prereq: ELEC 4309. All required ELEC 3000-level classes and labs. Students must complete their Graduation Agreement prior to enrollment. ELEC 4309 and ELEC 4319 must be completed in subsequent academic semesters.

MECH 4035 - Senior Design I: Group and individual projects to design engineering components and systems. Design methodology, product specs, creativity, design reviews, communication, presentations, and report writing are emphasized. MECH 4035 and MECH 4045 form a one year sequence and must be taken consecutively. Prereq: MECH 3035 and MECH 3042.

MECH 4045, Senior Design II: Student teams manufacture and construct and/or redesign mechanical parts or assemblies that they designed in previous course (MECH 4035). A proposal, oral progress reports, and a final written report and demonstration are required. MECH 4035 and MECH 4045 form a one year sequence and must be taken consecutively. Prereq: MECH 4035.