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ACADEMIC ADVISING is a resource centre of people and information, where academic counselling is available by phone, drop in, or on an appointment basis. Academic Advisors work with students during their program of studies to help them with the various program options and academic plans. Academic Advisors can assist with the course requirements and changes; program selection, application and changes; letters of permission; petitions for missed term work and deferred examinations; petitions for special consideration of all kinds; CNO Registration; appeals procedures; referral to other services on campus and at the college sites.

ENGINEERING CO-OP and CAREER SERVICES (ECCS) is a joint venture between the McMaster Engineering Society and the Faculty of Engineering. ECCS connects students with employers, provides career ­planning tools and resources, and provides opportunities for students to gain employment experience. ECCS manages the Co-op Program and networks with employers to generate co-op opportunities, facilitates career workshops and panels, hosts employer information sessions, participates in the campus recruitment process for graduating students, and provides career counselling services.

SELECT: Engineering Student Leadership Program (Student Engagement, Leadership Education, Career Training) is a program designed specifically for Engineering students who aspire to learn about and develop the skills required to successfully lead engineering teams and projects. The hands-on training exercises and real-time input from our Engineering alumni and colleague facilitators help students understand the principles and requirements of leadership in an engineering context, and develop a leadership tool kit to support their growth as student leaders and aspiring engineering leaders. Instructors bring real-world insight and experience to share with students, and act as coaches and mentors as students progress on their leadership journeys.

The ENGINEERING ALUMNI OFFICE provides undergraduate students with a number of support activities and engagement initiatives such as: Social Connection Night Workshop ‚Ä" a forum where alumni and students meet to discuss career development, scholastic programs, university life, and the life of an engineer after graduation. Women in Engineering Speakers Night- an evening dedicated to female undergraduate students to learn about what is it like to be an Engineer and a women in a male dominated field. Alumni Speaker Series ‚Ä" distinguished alumni volunteer to speak to students, faculty, and the larger community concerning important engineering issues and relating their individual success stories.


Student Wellness Centre - providing support to the whole student - mind, body, spirit - through a range of wellness services such as personal and psychological counselling, medical and health services, and wellness education resources.

International Student Services (ISS) - provides support for international students and internationally-minded Canadian students at McMaster University. We promote an internationally informed and cross-culturally sensitive community with a shared purpose: the student experience.

Student Accessibility Services - offers various supports for students with disabilities including classroom accommodations, test and exam accommodation, learning strategies, assistive technologies, note taking, as well as groups and events.

Student Success Centre - provides convenient access to an array of student services in the areas of Career and Employment, Transition and Academic Success, and Community Service-Learning, Civic Engagement and Leadership.

Housing & Conference Services - to assist you to meet your academic and personal goals in an environment that encourages and supports excellence. As a department of Student Affairs, we try to meet the varied needs of the student by providing an intellectual and social community conducive to the pursuit of academic study.

Off-Campus Resource Centre - offers a variety of housing-related resources for students and others visiting McMaster.